Immagine How passed the Core Web Vitals with a WordPress optimized hosting by Bhoost

Reading Time: 5 minutes is a website dedicated to yoga that offers a wide range of resources and content for fans of this age-old practice. As yoga and its online practice increase in popularity, has quickly established itself as one of the best yoga platforms available on the web.

One of the main reasons for its success is its constant attention to offering a high-quality user experience. This attention is also reflected in the optimal performance of the site. Recently, Google introduced Core Web Vitals, a set of metrics that measure the loading speed and usability of a website. By facing this challenge with determination, has proven to be at the forefront of satisfying these needs.

How passed the Core Web Vitals with a WordPress optimized hosting by Bhoost

Google Core Web Vitals: A General Overview

Google Core Web Vitals are a set of metrics to measure the loading speed, responsiveness and visual stability of a website. These metrics include Largest Contentful Paint (LCP), First Input Delay (FID) and Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS).

  • LCP measures the time it takes for the largest content on a page to be visible. A good LCP is critical to providing a good user experience, as users prefer sites that load quickly and display content in a timely manner.
  • FID measures the response time between a user’s interaction with a website (for example, a click on a button) and the site’s response to that interaction. A low FID is important to ensure that users can interact with the site without annoying delays.
  • CLS measures the visual stability of a web page and indicates whether elements shift while loading, causing a poor user experience. Low CLS is crucial to prevent users from accidentally clicking on moving elements.

Why is it important?

Google Core Web Vitals are important for a website because they impact the overall user experience. A well-performing website can improve user engagement, reduce abandonment rates, and increase the time users spend on the site. Google also announced that starting in 2021, Core Web Vitals metrics will be used to rank pages in search results. This means that websites with better performance will rank higher in search results, resulting in increased visibility.

To surpass the Google Core Web Vitals, website owners must therefore work hard to optimize the performance of their sites. This may include optimizing code, compressing images, using a content delivery network (CDN), and implementing web development best practices. Furthermore, working with a specialized hosting provider to optimize the performance of websites can be an advantage in achieving and maintaining optimal site performance.

In summary, Google Core Web Vitals are a set of metrics that measure the loading speed, responsiveness and visual stability of a website. They are important for improving user experience, achieving greater visibility in search results and providing a high-quality, performing website.

How passed the Core Web Vitals

To achieve the goal of exceeding the Core Web Vitals, has partnered with Bhoost.

We are, in fact, a web hosting provider specializing in optimizing the performance of websites. Through ad hoc consultancy with the customer, we were able to find the best hosting solution which could provide the right performance.

Thanks to this strategic collaboration, the client was able to obtain a site that had a significant improvement in loading speed and overall user experience.

One of the first moves undertaken by to meet the requirements of the Core Web Vitals is the implementation of a content delivery network (CDN) by Bhoost. ThereCDN has allowed this website to distribute its content quickly and reliably to visitors around the world. This significantly contributed to reducing page load times and minimizing downtime.

The site was created in WordPress and this is why the specific choice of hosting fell on a hosting super veloce per WordPress. In fact, as we have said several times, the speed of a site is a fundamental criterion, be it a normal site or E-Commerce.

So with our specific hosting for WordPress, we have managed to guarantee excellent performance and speed.

The Results: Optimization and User Satisfaction

Bhoost hosting also provided ongoing support to maintain the optimal performance of the online portal. Through constant monitoring and proactive management, Bhoost ensured that the site remained fast and responsive at all times, ensuring smooth navigation for users.

Thanks to these initiatives and the partnership with Bhoost, has successfully managed to surpass Google’s Core Web Vitals. This means that the site offers an optimal browsing experience, with fast loading times and excellent usability. The users of this portal can access yoga content and resources quickly and seamlessly, thus improving their overall experience on the site.

Below is some data that highlights performance and indications related to usability and Google Core Web Vitals.

As you can see, both mobile and desktop feedback are completely positive. This is the result of a website that is clearly well-optimized and working effectively. Users are happy with what they see and how the website responds to their actions.

The website is fast and functional, thanks to WordPress hosting that can handle both traffic and customers. Having a fast site is the key to having an increase in visits and a very low bounce rate.

Core Web Vitals WordPress hosting
Core Web Vitals WordPress hosting

Below, you can check the results related to the various Core Web Vitals metrics. As you can see, everything is within the acceptable range, and the evaluation is successful.

This aspect is fundamental for a site, as we have already said in our article, Core Web Vitals: What they are and why they matter to Google. Core Web Vitals have officially become new ranking signals. Essentially, these help Google understand what type of experience the user has on our site, and based on this, it decides whether to penalize or enhance the site.

This is why it is of fundamental importance to take this aspect into consideration.


In conclusion, if you are looking for a reliable and high-performance online platform for practicing yoga, is the ideal choice. Thanks to its focus on performance, usability, and partnership with Bhoost, this site continues to be a point of reference in the online yoga sector.

If you are looking for a truly reliable hosting partner who can help you make your site perform better and live up to Google Core Web Vitals, contact us.

We will find the most suitable hosting solution for you.

That’s it, folks! Check out our blog for more information.


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