Immagine Recap 2023: a year of incredible growth and consolidation for Bhoost

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We at Bhoost ended 2023 with a year of exceptional growth and consolidation. Thanks to our team we were able to come up with a strategy focused on innovation and continuous improvement. Each of you helped us achieve extraordinary results in several key areas. We express our sincere gratitude with a heartfelt “grazie mille!” Together, we are confident of continued progress and success in the coming year. Let’s see a Bhoost recap of 2023!

Company growth

Bhoost has welcomed new clients and entered new markets, resulting in a notable increase in revenue. We achieved a remarkable 90% sales growth, proving the value of our marketing and client satisfaction.

Plus, Bhoost has welcomed new customers and smoothly introduced fresh brands into the scene. By handling new business areas with care, we’ve made sure Bhoost is a go-to for trustworthy and top-quality hosting services. We’re not just growing; we’re making sure your hosting experience stays top-notch.


We have also established partnerships with major industry players such as Fabrico, E-commerce Schools, Digitag and others, thereby enhancing its network of strategic collaborations and ensuring scalability.

Product developments

At Bhoost we do listen. Your feedback drives us to constantly innovate and improve our products.  During 2023,  we introduced major updates, new features and improvements to ensure an even more powerful hosting experience.

The launch of the consultancy for SpeedUp performance optimization stands out among the major product innovations. With the help of this smart solution, clients were able to greatly enhance user experience and page loading speed on their websites.


Additionally, we developed a custom solution called PerformUltra for cloud-level infrastructures. This solution has allowed companies to make the most of the potential offered by the Cloud, guaranteeing high performance, security and scalability.

Sustainability and green initiatives

Bhoost has made major progress in the reduction of environmental impact and initiated sustainable partnerships. We have adopted eco-friendly practices, invested in low-impact technologies and promoted energy efficiency.

Bhoost recap 2023

Moreover, Bhoost has taken steps to spread the word about the importance of sustainability and making websites work better. We’ve organized various initiatives to make sure people know why it matters.

Customer satisfaction and feedback

Making customers happy has always been at the top of our list at Bhoost. During 2023, the company received over 20 positive reviews on Trustpilot, with an average rating of 4.6. This simply tells us that at Bhoost, we’re doing our molto bene to provide top-notch services, and our customers appreciate it. Your trust means a lot to us.

You can read reviews on Trustpilot by clicking here.

Bhoost recap 2023 web_hosting_e-commerce

Company culture and team

At Bhoost, we didn’t just see growth in numbers; our team and company culture blossomed too. In 2023, we proudly opened a new office in Gran Canaria, giving our fantastic team a fresh, inspiring place to work—a space that’s as modern as it is motivating.

Bhoost recap 2023 web hosting

The Bhoost team didn’t just expand; it became a tight-knit family of 6 incredible individuals – Andrea, Manuela, Raul, Nicola, Karol, and Ruggero. This passionate and experienced crew played a vital role in driving our company’s success and growth.

Future plans and initiatives

Enough about Bhoost 2023 recap; let’s dive into our aspirations for the future! Bhoost is getting ready for some really interesting ideas that will emphasize sustainability, global expansion, and promoting the online performance culture.

We’re dedicated to ramping up our efforts in environmental sustainability, with initiatives like tree planting and embracing eco-friendly practices at the forefront of our agenda.

Moreover, our sights are set on international horizons. Bhoost will be extending its hosting services to Spain and working towards broadening its footprint across Europe.

Finally, Bhoost will continue to promote the culture of web performance by providing resources and events that help companies improve the performance of their websites.

We also aim to expand our collaborations with Partners who share our same principles and our commitment to providing an always efficient and punctual service.

We want to increase the initiatives that concern us and that aim at a culture of performance because these have now become the focal point of the success of a business.

Among these the most interesting collaborations and initiatives stand out Digital 1-1, a networking event dedicated to the digital sector, which takes place in an exclusive environment and offers high-quality connection and collaboration opportunities. For years, this event has been a huge success in Spain and will now arrive in Italy in October too.

Another initiative not to be missed is i webinar su Learnn, which will provide users with valuable tools and advice to improve their hosting strategies.



At the end of the Bhoost 2023 recap, we can say that we had an incredible year filled with significant growth and accomplishments. Our success isn’t just ours; it’s because our awesome customers support us and are happy with what we do. We’re forging ahead in the new year, offering cutting-edge hosting solutions while prioritizing customer satisfaction and environmental sustainability. We’re truly excited about what’s to come! As we wrap up, we wish everyone a New Year filled with happiness, health, and prosperity!

Here’s to the adventure ahead, together!

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